October 18, 2017

My first binding, I think. Is this really binding?

It was time to decide how to finish this quilt. I have a navy blue back for it but I wanted that to be a border around the front. 
Not going to lie here, I am totally intimidated by the whole binding process. It just looks like one little mess up and I could mess up my whole quilt! And trust me, my quilt has enough "personality" sewn into it already. I don't need to add to it.
As in the patches that were supposed to be on the top. Well look where they ended up. Distracted by homework, I sewed them on upside down and didn't even notice until I laid it out for this picture. So the top of the blanket quickly became the bottom.

Then DD#1 sent me a pic of a blanket she had made, it was the cutest thing.
She had brought the back around to the front and used it as the border. Perfect!
The things we learn from our kids! 
So I cut my backing bigger than the top and rolled it for a hem.
It set the top off perfectly!

Since there were no blue patches (the flags were the 'blue') doing it this way set it up just the way I wanted. So after a half hour discussion with the BFF on the best way to do this, and to quilt afterwards, I finished pinning it all up.

I spent an hour sewing the binding down. I set the machine on the slowest it would go so I could follow the lines without messing it up. 
It was so slow grandbrat #5 asked me did my machine go any faster. LOL
So it's all pinned and the binding is sewn on and she is ready for some quilting.
My machine came with a double needle and I am seriously thinking about trying it out for double lines around the seams. It would be the only way there would be any conformity in double lines if I am doing it. 
This quilt is loaded with my 'personality' but I'm not going to point any out. If you don't notice it then it's all good.

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