October 17, 2017

Just some gameday photos

For my 50th birthday all I wanted was some Alabama boots.
I love my boots! And that face.
It's always good to be able to get to a game and show them both off.

I love going to Ttown almost as much as my boots.
You just can't beat the feeling of being at a game. The crowd, the noise, the cheers. I just love everything about it.
And it's especially awesome when you meet up with friends, and end up in the perfect seats!

I know most people like the end zone, or being down near the fifty yard line.
Not me, I like being up above the field so I can see everything.
And the sunsets over the stadium! You just can't beat it!

By the time the game started it was a packed out stadium, people were already trickling in an hour before the game.
It was a fast and fun trip. We got to meet up with friends and be around adults for a while! I had a blast! 

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