April 22, 2015

LOTD: Some nifty knitty videos

The boat sweater is still languishing exactly as it was the last time we spoke about it.
A week with the flu and finally a few dry days have made me realize it's getting crunch time.
The boat has been uncovered and cleaned up and it's almost time to hit the water, so as much as I have fought the idea, it's time to finish that sweater and get it off the needles.
While I spend the next few days getting that finished, here are a few helpful videos I thought you might be interested in.
Some I have never seen before, some are my faves. Maybe there are a few in here that will help you along your knitterly path. ;0)

This is one handy little video, until I saw this I avoided cables unless it was the absolute dead of winter when I would have to be inside and had the time to fool with an extra needle or two. It was just way too fiddely for me to do cables. That is until I finally saw one of these videos.
This is a definite must see.

I don't know that I would ever use this, but I am putting it here because I have never seen this particular stitch before. Kinda nifty!

This is always a good thing to know. 

Another handy helper:

You know I have to include this one.

A cutesie little stitch for baby items.

And last but far from least, I will master this one day!!!!

I hope you find some of these videos helpful. 
Comments are gladly welcome!

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