May 21, 2009

Trying to quit smoking

After 32 years I am ready.......... I think I am ready........OMG what if I am not ready!? Oh well, doesn't matter, it's time, my ciggs are up to 46 dollars a carton, I just can't do that anymore, we smoke three cartons a week, if you add it up........... let's don't add it up, take my word for it, it's a HUGE amount.
Kendall and I, both went and got our prescriptions for the Chantix, he started his Monday, Me, Tuesday. So official quit date is 5/26/09 for me.
The Chantix is working, I can feel a difference, I don't get hardly any enjoyment from a ciggerrette now. I am ready..........., I think .........
Keep your fingers crossed, and pray, hard for me.
Knitting will be a huge help for me to keep my hands busy, then I have my super bouncy ball to keep me occupied when I am not knitting. You are going to start seeing a lot of knitting content, I have a feeling there is going to be a huge pile of knitted items going out of this house for a while.

May 9, 2009

KrisKnits...: Mother's Day Cloth...

If you knit fast you might can get one of these done before the morning. This beautiful cloth would be a cherished gift for Mom!

KrisKnits...: Mother's Day Cloth...

KnitBrit � Blog Archive � Cozy Chemo Hat

This is the cutest hat! You should go have a look
KnitBrit � Blog Archive � Cozy Chemo Hat

May 4, 2009

frogiez place...: Cancer Ribbon Bag

frogiez place...: Cancer Ribbon Bag
Check out this cute bag and make a statement!

Towels for Chas......making cloths into towels

Chas is settling into her new apartment. You know I had to make her something and she loves these towels, so she got two more, and one matching cloth.
The red is P&C on size seven needles. the Mock Woven Tea Cloth
This is one of my favorite patterns especially for striped yarn.
The orange is P&C in Shrimp CO 55
K5 P5 across
P5 K5 across
Repeat 4 more times for 6 total rows
K across
Repeat these seven rows for 14 times and BO
The cloth was a cast on of 35 with 7 repeats

I wanted to make my Mom something for Mother's Day. We don't exchange gifts or anything for her birthday, May 15th, or Mother's Day. She told me a long time ago that she has collected everything that there is to collect so she is happy with us taking her out to eat wherever she wants for her birthday and Mother's Day. Last year it was Sushi and the Japanese Imperial Steakhouse. This year crab legs at the Casino. But I wanted her to have something. Out of the three girls she has, I am the only one that she will see, so I made her this towel.
It is this cloth: Thank You Rose made into a towel. You can't see it very well, but after it is finished blocking, I will try and get pictures outside and maybe then it will show up better.

You can turn any cloth you like into a towel.
You simply find the pattern you want to use, knit it according to the directions, until you get to the top border, omitting that, you either knit a few inches of stst and then repeat the pattern from the last row back up to the first (for a double hanging towel) like the Frog Towel I made for Desire', or knit in stst for a total of anywhere from 19 to 20" then finish with your border.
I usually only make towels out of patterns that call for 43 or more ststs and I like mine to be at least 21" long.
Give it a shot, it's really fun.

May 3, 2009

Beth Nixon Blogging: Girl's Knit Tank Top Pattern

Another cutie you have got to see, boy are my grand babies going to styling this summer.

Beth Nixon Blogging: Girl's Knit Tank Top Pattern

Knitting Momma: Girly-girl skirty soaker

I was surfing around the internet and had to show you this.
OMG! This is so cute, I think that Bella and Trin both need one of these! There is only one size written, but the author give plenty of detail on how to change it up.
Be looking for pics of this soon. I love it!

Knitting Momma: Girly-girl skirty soaker

May 2, 2009

Time to update: The knitting

Here are some pics of the first cloth I made for Chas. It is the Basket Rib Hand Towel Pattern
One of my favorite patterns for dish towels, easy as pie to follow and it works with any color of yarn. Even the variegated yarns that are so hard to find patterns for.
For this one I cast on 58 sts on size 7's with P&C yarn.
Chas love it!

Unfortunately I have had so little time to get online that I don't have pictures to show you of the three little burp cloths and preemie hats that I made for Desire's friend Tina, but you will have to take my word for it, they were wicked cute! The hit of the shower!
I used the three diamond cloth pattern and elongated it to turn it into a cute little burp cloth, one green, one yellow, and one blue. They came out really cute.
For the hats I used this pattern: Tiny Preemie Hat
It is an easy pattern, and as a general rule, I always have left over yarn enough to whip one or two, or in this case, three, of these out.

Time to update: The Boy!

The boy is 17 now! Isn't he handsome!
Did Mom cry.............oh hell yeah! The boy went to Prom, stag, and had a great time, and actually made it back in one piece. Prom is a very scary time for a Mom, drinking, hanging with the buds, it all can lead to some big time trouble, but the boy made it there and back home in one piece, even tho, he was probably the only one who had to call their Mom when they got there. ;0)

I can't believe in one more year the boy will be off to college!
Ok, I admit it, he's the baby, once he's done, I am done. It's a scary thing. I have had kids with me since I was 18 years old. Tho the daughter is proof that they never really go away, it's still a scary thing for a Mom.

There are pictures, pattern ideas and lots of info bouncing around in this head of mine, and so through out the day I will be updating the blog. If I did it all at one time, it would take you two days to catch up. Yes, Virginia, it's been that long since I have updated.

Getting back in the groove

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