November 30, 2008


Kendall and I are HUGE Alabama fans.
I never really liked football until I started watching Alabama when I met Kendall. Over the years I have learned to LOVE Alabama football, and over the years, they have struggled with new coaches and bad football, but we hung in there and this year they have reminded everyone why we LOVE Alabama football.
Kendall and I got tickets to the Ms. State game in Tuscaloosa, and off we went.
We stayed at the hunting camp in Mississippi, and Saturday made the two hour drive to Bryant Denny Stadium.
But I had no hat, and the weather man was predicting 35 by the end of the game! Thank you to Kim on Shirley's Knitting Knook list who asked, "Leah, aren't you a knitter?" Well DUH!
So the three hour ride to the camp and two hours the morning of the game, I worked on this hat. I jut happened to find some crimson sock yarn I had made something out of years ago, in the bottom of that big ole foot locker. And this was the end result.

Here we are, almost ready for the game. I had my game face on....

And so did Kendalll ;0)........

The drive down was nice, we were all excited and as soon as we got to Tuscaloosa, look what we saw, a beautiful rainbow, which I took as a very good sign for this game.

Then, there it was, my first ever glimpse of Bryan-Denny Stadium!
We were finally there!

We had to walk a little ways from where we parked, and I was totally in hog heaven with all the Crimson Tide fans and stuff along the way.

Then, we made it, the front door to the University of Alabama, I took this picture for Cole who will be applying at the University next year.

We finally made it to our seats, and as you can see, they were pretty good seats, I like to sit where I can see everything, just like watching it on t.v. From here we didn't miss a thing!

The score board befor the game.

The team warming up, my first glimpse of the team!

Then there was that awesome Million Dollar Band... you can see, they take up the WHOLE field....

The crowd was rocking the stadium by now

ROTC, this picture is for the boy too, he says he will be doing this by his second year there.. I hope so, a good reason to go to the game, to see my boy ;0)

The team is finally on the field!

We were snuggled up and ready to watch the game. It was a great game and even though I was freeeeezzzzing, it was great fun, I think we will be doing more games next year.

November 14, 2008

I am going to be on TV............

Most everyone knows I work at a TV station, well one of the ladies that tapes a show here saw the ribbons I had won at the fair and asked me to bring in some of the items I had knitted and talk about knitting on her show.
At first it was supposed to be just half the show, 13 minutes, but then her first interview got cancelled, so she asked me to do the whole 26 minutes.
At first I couldn't see how we could get that much time out of stuff I had knitted, but we did, and she wants me to bring some more for another show later on, after the first of the year.
The show is more about all the items I have knitted and about hobbies, not about the technical aspects of knitting.
You can see the show today November 14th at 4:30 central time at WKFK TV you must have IE to see the live stream. There is a link on the home page.
If you do go see it, remember, the camera adds 10 lbs.

November 1, 2008

Toddler Tube Socks

I found this pattern on the internet:
Tube Socks
And decided to tweak it a bit to fit the Grandbrat.
The design is almost the same
Here is what I did

Sock Yarn, leftovers
Size 2 dpns
CO 48 sts and join to knit in the round
Do 15 rounds of K2P2 ribbing
Then K6 P6 around for 10"
K6, k2tog around
K one round
K5, k2tog around
K one round
K4, k2tog around
K3, k2tog around
K2, k2tog around
K1, k2tog around
K2tog around
cut yarn leaving an 18" tail, thread yarn through a darning needle and draw through remainign stitches. Weave in on the inside of the sock and there you have it.
This was not my idea, but the idea of the original pattern writer, I just downsized it.
Isaac's foot at 4 years old is 6.4", for Bella who is 2 and a half, but tiny, I would CO 42 and Trin who is a year old I would CO 36, and for newborns, 24.
I hope you enjoy this recipe. ;0)

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