February 27, 2011

This weeks patterns

It's finally getting warmer, the green is coming back, and the pollen is filling the air again! Yeah spring is here!
This weeks patterns made me think of garden parties, cool evening picnics and clothes hanging on the line.
Knitting: Heart Party Shrug
Socks: Donyale
Crochet: Clothespin sack
Have a great week everyone!
God Bless

February 15, 2011

Wow....waaayyy to looonggg..

I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted on the blog!
You can blame Facebook for that. Been chatting and posting away over at the Knittinfun facebook page.
The GBP2011 has finally gotten too big to be portable, 40 rows blue, 20 rows brown, now back on the next 40 blue, all this on 400 sts! You do the math, that's a lot of knitting! It is going to be an awesome blanket! I will get some progress pics posted later today.
PB and I went to the hunting camp this weekend and WOW! for me, it was a great weekend, no cooking, no cleaning, just knitting, and watching my first Knitting and Crochet show. My cable company doesn't carry it, so I have never seen it before. I really enjoyed it!
I made a hand towel, a house warming gift for a friend, and half a pair of ankle socks for myself, made from the Alabama Crimson Tide yarn BFF picked up for me on our first visit to our LYS.
I was so excited to finally have a yarn store so close by that I could afford, and guess what?!?! Yup! They are closing their storefront!!
BFF and I have seriously thought about getting a SBL and buying it ourselves. I just don't see how we could accomplish it with no back ground in running a business. But it would be sooo awesome.
It was a great little store, friendly people and great prices! It's a shame to see them close, I loved being able to actually see the yarn, touch it, rub it against my cheek, before I bought it. Something you can not do when you're ordering online.
I am going to try my best to get pics of all this for you today.
I also want to show you how I 'jazzed up' the new journals. Very crafty if I do say so myself!
It has been awesome  having my BFF finally get back into knitting. Until her, I think I was the only knitter in south Mobile County. Where I live, crochet is the thing to do. And I can do it, been doing it since I was like 10 years old, but I like knitting much, much better. Now I use my crochet talents for borders and embellishments only. And until BFF jumped on the band wagon, all my knitting coversations were online. It's so nice to have a face in front of me that doesn't think I am speaking a foreign language when I say LYS or p3, k4.
We've had a few knit days together and I have just really enjoying spending time with her and knitting.
Pics coming up.......

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