March 16, 2012

Hat and Neckwarmer for PB are finished!

The hat is finally finished. 
I had to force myself to go inside yesterday and finish it. 
It is a basic pattern I'll write up here.
I used:
Size 5 circs
LL's Shepherd Sport: Camouflage
CO: 112
K2,P2 for 2"
K around for 5 1/2" then started decrease rounds
K 26, k2tog around
K one row plain
I did that for about five rounds then started decreasing every round. 
When I got down to 8 sts left I sewed it up and plopped it on his already hot little head.
 Poor baby, but he did at least smile for the pics for me. ;0)
The "neckwarmer" of course is the Mira Cowl
Tho please don't call it a cowl in front of PB, the manly name is "neckwarmer"


March 15, 2012

Daylight Savings Time is messing with my knitting

I have all but 10 more rows of decreases and the hat will be finished.
I have had all but 10 more rows of decreases for about three days now. By the time I sit down to watch t.v. at night, I don't feel like picking it up and finishing it.
This is the ONLY part of our time change that I don't care for.
It stays so nice and bright and pretty outside so late that by the time I am sitting down somewhere I am bushed!
The garden needs planting, the pool needs cleaning, the water pipes have to be run to the deck for the shower, the grass needs "fixing".
I am now smoking twice as much as I normally do because I am outside twice as long. That can't be good!
But...all in all, this is still my favorite time of the year, though my knitting seems to be suffering for it.
Guess I will have to force myself to sit down and finish this hat so I can move on to those damn socks!

March 12, 2012

Finally something besides socks, or not

I have been knitting for PB for almost fifteen years now, socks. That's all the man ever wants, wool socks for hunting.
The first year I started knitting I must have knit thirty pairs of socks, for me, for the kids, for my sister, my mom, PB, my MIL, everyone got socks. I loved them! Couldn't get enough!
Well, now I have, I am burnt out, and besides the no-show socks, I can't stand knitting socks. I just don't have the patience anymore. (even tho it does take longer for a sweater than a pair of socks) I just don't want to do it.

PB expects new wool socks every hunting season, and, being the loving, adoring, dutiful wife that I am, I mutter quietly under my breath and make him a pair. ;0) But I don't want to.
I am hoping this sockless envy I have going on will pass soon, I have worn all of my own socks out!

Finally, last week PB saw me trying on the Mira Cowl I made and asked me what it was.
I put it on him, (jeeezzzeee don't tell anyone he tried on my cowl!) and he liked it. Not my pretty pink and yellow cowl, but the idea of it. Not having the wind blowing down the back of his neck when he is stuck in a tree for four hours, in the woods, in 19 degree weather. (yeah, I can't even get him to go get the paper out of the box in the winter, but a big brown eyed deer, for that he will brave the winters of Alaska!)
I was thrilled, excited, and needed more yarn! Woohoo! this was going to work out great for both of us.

I quickly ordered four beautiful skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Camouflage and waited patiently for it to come in. The second it showed up in the mailbox I cast on and started knitting away. It took me four hours to finish his. He didn't need the length that a woman would, he is definitely not going to cover his head with it. I made it about 5" and promptly gave it to him to try on. He loved it! So, in my excitement I started right on a hat made out of the same yarn. I had bought 4 skeins after all.
While knitting away on the hat my mind raced forward to the fingerless gloves I would make for him next. The pattern coming together in my head as I knit furiously on his hat.
Then, that dear sweet man, whom I love with all of my heart and soul, forever and ever Amen, sticks his head around the corner and asks me, "what ya making now?"
I proudly held up the hat to show him, he smiled and thanked me, then asked me, "you gonna have enough yarn left over for a pair of socks too right?!?"

March 8, 2012

Who is Mira? A cowl of course

Mira's Cowl is finished! 
Size 6 needles
Vinca Sock yarn from Ebay.

Even though I ripped it out twice (my fault) this was one of the easiest knits ever, and such a great looking pattern. I made this one for myself, and when PB saw it, he decided he needed one in camo for hunting.

Do you know how hard camo yarn is to find this time of year? Just about every website I went to had the Lorna's Lace listed, but out of stock.
I finally found some LL's Shepherd Sport on Ebay and bought all I could afford to buy at the time. I plan on making him a dickey with some of it also.

I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few of these cowls made for my girls before next winter rolls around. ;0)

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