March 15, 2012

Daylight Savings Time is messing with my knitting

I have all but 10 more rows of decreases and the hat will be finished.
I have had all but 10 more rows of decreases for about three days now. By the time I sit down to watch t.v. at night, I don't feel like picking it up and finishing it.
This is the ONLY part of our time change that I don't care for.
It stays so nice and bright and pretty outside so late that by the time I am sitting down somewhere I am bushed!
The garden needs planting, the pool needs cleaning, the water pipes have to be run to the deck for the shower, the grass needs "fixing".
I am now smoking twice as much as I normally do because I am outside twice as long. That can't be good!
But...all in all, this is still my favorite time of the year, though my knitting seems to be suffering for it.
Guess I will have to force myself to sit down and finish this hat so I can move on to those damn socks!

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