November 1, 2008

Toddler Tube Socks

I found this pattern on the internet:
Tube Socks
And decided to tweak it a bit to fit the Grandbrat.
The design is almost the same
Here is what I did

Sock Yarn, leftovers
Size 2 dpns
CO 48 sts and join to knit in the round
Do 15 rounds of K2P2 ribbing
Then K6 P6 around for 10"
K6, k2tog around
K one round
K5, k2tog around
K one round
K4, k2tog around
K3, k2tog around
K2, k2tog around
K1, k2tog around
K2tog around
cut yarn leaving an 18" tail, thread yarn through a darning needle and draw through remainign stitches. Weave in on the inside of the sock and there you have it.
This was not my idea, but the idea of the original pattern writer, I just downsized it.
Isaac's foot at 4 years old is 6.4", for Bella who is 2 and a half, but tiny, I would CO 42 and Trin who is a year old I would CO 36, and for newborns, 24.
I hope you enjoy this recipe. ;0)

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