November 28, 2010

This weeks patterns

The Holidays are coming.... the holidays are coming. Bring out your craftiness!!! the holidays are coming.
Great gifts and cute decorations are in store....
Knitting: Scrooge/Kratchit Nightcap
Crochet: Christmas Tree Skirt
Socks: Cable and Seed Socks
Have a great week everyone!! I have to get all those hats done!!
God Bless

November 24, 2010

Please vote to help our soldiers call home this holiday season

    Vote for Free Phone Calls
      for US deployed soldiers!
         With the Pespi Refresh Project
Hurry! Voting ends 11/30/2010

November 21, 2010

This weeks patterns

I have finally finished the scarf, and, no camera! DD had to take my camera yesterday when Isaac went to the 100th anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts. When I get the thing back from her, I will take pictures and post the pattern. In a way it worked out well this way, I have now turned it into two different patterns for you to make. I hope to have it posted by week's end.
On to the patterns for this week:
Knit: Ash
Crochet: Easy Peasy Circle Shrug
Socks: Bamboo Waves Socks
Have a great week everyone!

November 19, 2010

Another Knitter at Mobile Renaissance Fair

Last weeknd was the Renaissance Fair in Mobile. The grandbrats love to go and see all the knights and ladies, but OMG the belly dancers! As soon as we get there, and right before we leave, gotta go see the belly dancers.
We had a great time walking around and dreaming of all the stuff I would love to buy, Hand made jewelry, hand crafted swords, I was literally in crafty heaven. Then I met a lady who had scarves and shawls hanging all around her tent.
Well, you know you have to stop and touch and feel, and examine patterns. She had long skinny fuzzy scarves, beautiful warm fluffy scarves, shawls made with bulky, soft yarn, and some made with fur yarn that was almost too soft for me to touch. She was an interesting lady to talk to and I am really glad I got to meet her.
Of course dragging the rest of the family behind me, we really didn't have time to chat, for some reason they don't see it the same way. They were ready to move on. Though they do benifit well from my own craftiness!

November 18, 2010

How to wear a scarf

I am no good at wearing a scarf, I wrap it around my neck till I feel like I am suffocating or, I let it just hang there. This sight Crochet Me shows a few good ways to wrap yourself looking good and showing off. I, for one needed this.

New scarf pattern...soon

I know, me, the hater of the scarf knitting, have come up with a cute, basic, simple, no cable needle, cabled scarf. The test knit is almost finished. Then I will get the pics and post the pattern.
Now don't go getting too excited, it's very basic, nothing all twisty,curvey, gorgeous, just an easy cable pattern that anyone can do.
Will be posting soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

November 13, 2010

This weeks patterns

This has been a long and harried week and I am sooo glad it is almost over.
The boy totaled his truck and Thank God! walked away, him and the other guy. When I saw the truck, I cried, I don't know how in the world neither one of them got hurt. From there it has just been one thing after another going wrong. I won't bore you with the details, your head might pop off like mine was ready to yesterday!
Needless to say, I am glad the weekend is finally here, and the patterns.
Knitting: Lexi
Crochet: Plarn Soap Dish
Sockpatterns: Family of Slippers

November 6, 2010

This weeks patterns

It is getting to be that time of year again, cooking, baking, visiting friends, bringing food and gifts. I am glad we finally have some cooler weather, tho in about a month I will be ready for summer again.
This has gotten me in the mood for some gift knitting though. This weeks patterns are all gifting.
Knitting: Apron
Crochet: Loaf Pan Tote
Socks: Knee High Socks
So we can bake, carry our goodies to friends and family, and keep our toes and legs warm doing it. Yep, it's time for the Holiday Season!

Getting back in the groove

It's been so long since I have wanted to knit anything.  I knit so many socks when I started knitting back in '99 that I was comp...