September 25, 2010

No Show Sock Pattern

This is more of a set of instructions than a full out pattern.
I really am starting to like the no show socks the kids are wearing today, but I have got to have my wool socks in the winter time, so WALA! I made one, out of my favorite sock yarn Regia Clown.
The instructions are very simple
Size 3 needles
Leftover sock yarn. I can get a regular sock out of one ball of yarn, and two of these out of the leftovers.
CO: 56 sts (or however many you normally CO for you size. A note, because the cuff is no very big, I would go down a st or two to make it a bit tighter around the ankle.
Join to knit in the round
K1,P1 for 4 rounds
Begin heel on 28 sts and your favorite heel pattern.
I used the slip one knit one for 21/4", on my heel, but I am thinking of trying a different kind of heel for the next pair.
When heel is turned and finished, pick up 14 sts each side for gusset.
Dec one row, Knit one row until 28 sts remain on the needles for the bottom of the foot.
Knit around until within one inch of desired length for foot.
I always do my toe decreases one inch from end and decrease every row, instead of the usual dec one row, knit one row. I think it makes a rounder toe.
Kitchner last 8 sts
Weave in ends
And there you have it. A great little sock!
I am going to try and do some for the younger Grandbrats, I guess I will have to tweek the pattern a bit.
I will get back to you on that.

September 18, 2010

This weeks patterns

I know everyone thought I dropped off the face of the earth, but SURPRISE! Here I am again. I had a great summer vacation from.... well everything crafty, the blog, my lists, knitting, crochet, everything! Me and PB spent a month, off and on, in Panama City. I have got an awesome t-shirt collection going on. The Friday before the 4th of July, we decided to make an eastbound trip, we made it to Pensacola by way of Gulf Shores, and decided to spend the night there, got up the next morning and drove the scenic route on over to Panama City. Every where we stopped I bought a t-shirt. We stopped at every beach along the way. Pensacola, Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, then on to P.C. It was great fun and I took a whole lot of pictures, I will post some soon.
We lucked out and got a condo right beside Pineapple Willy's and spent two days and nights having a blast. We rented scooters and went to St. Andrews and met Andy the squirrel and got some more awesome pictures of the beach.
All in all it was a great time, because we got to go back the next week for PB's job, so another weekend in P.C.
It was a great summer, but I am getting itchy for some real knitting.
I have three patterns I am going to post here over the next week.
Some hot pads, which are great stash busters. And a cloth, which has been the only knitting I have done to date.
I will be posting all of those soon. So keep an eye out.

September 16, 2010

Ok, summer vacation is over from the internet

Ok, I have been playing around on the internet, but no crafting, at all, until a week ago. I was sitting out on the back deck and decided to pick up the needles and the next thing I knew, I looked down and I had whipped out a new cloth pattern. I am still in kid, family, house, garden, soccer, cheerleader, mode, but I will get a picture and post it ASAP! I promise! The lists will be kicking back into gear this weekend also, so keep an eye out for that.
Sorry I was gone so long, BUT, I'M BACK!

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