November 20, 2017

Making personal bags with link to tutorial

Once a month we go to a local women's shelter with people from our church.
 DD#1 started going with me just a couple of months ago, and decided we needed to make them bags for Christmas.
Nothing huge, just little personal item bags to put, well, personal items in.
So a call to duty went out and DD#1 and I broke out the sewing machines. She found an awesome video on YouTube 
And it was on.
She seemed a little daunted when I told her we would need at least 60 bags. 
And that is how I got involved in her project. 
We each get to make 30 bags and then I will stuff them all.
I am thinking a warm pair of socks, tooth brush and paste, hand sanitizer and maybe some candy.
Anyway, we took last Saturday, before the game and set up two machines on the kitchen table and hung out, laughed, talked and made bags. 
I really love the way the 33 we have made so far have come out. And, I actually stole one of hers, (don't worry we have lots and lots of materials) that I really liked.    
These are just a few pics. When we are finished I will get some pictures for you. 

Who doesn't like Trolls!

Will post pictures of the rest of them tomorrow.

November 17, 2017

Knitting blankets and Grandbrats

There is still actually knitting going on at the Knittinfun house. Lots of knitting, continuous, one stitch, football watching, evening t.v. knitting.
"Let me make garter stitch blankets" I said, "it will be easy (boring) knitting to make for the babies," I said.
I admit, I get bored really easy with my projects. I can't help it. It starts as a bright flame and visions of piles of garter stitch blankets, and ends with "what was I thinking?!"
But I have a deadline to keep, so I plugged away at it. Sissy B's blanket is probably about only an hour away from being finished. Since she has been the recipient of many of my handmade items when she was little, I had to throw this to the back burner and get started on the babie's blankets to have them finished in time for Christmas.
Don't get all bent out of shape, Sissy B will still receive her hugs from MiMi, just doesn't have to be at Christmas time.

Trent's (Grandbrat #7) blanket has to be finished a lot sooner than that. 
The picture is a little dark, but this is the same yarn as Sissy B's in blues,blacks, greys and whites. Perfect for a growing boy.
Here is a better picture with some more length on it. 
And yes! I am most definitely still in love with this yarn!

This was just about a week ago, and as of 9pm last night it is finished and put in the drawer waiting for prep day.
I will get better pics of the finished blanket after prep day, when it will be all shiny and new looking.

We got a special little visitor a little over a week ago. 
This is Ada Grace (grandbrat #8) 
She is the spitting image of her father and I think she looks a lot like PawPaw also. 
She is the quietest little thing and a tad shy. 
I think that means more trips to visit are in order!

 This little guy is the recipient of the blue blanket.
He cam to visit MiMi and PawPaw and all those kids.
He is full of life and wonder. And soooo tiny!

Giving high fives!
He loves PawPaw!

So you see, in and amongst all the sewing and visiting and church and appointments, there is still some knitting going on over at Knittinfun!

November 14, 2017

And we have a rag quilt

After all the Xs and quilting of the squares, it comes time to start making rows. My squares are simply one fat quarter cut into quarters. You do the math, I hate that stuff!
I did want this quilt longer than it is wide, so ended up having to use a half, two squares to make one more block. So I also got two more napkins for the dinner table out of making this quilt.
Gotta love the lagniappe! 

Don't pay too close attention to the lines, I didn't

Slowly but surely coming together.
All the rows were finished, now it was time to connect everything.

And there she is. All sewn together and ready for snipping.
If you can't spot the personality in this quilt, I am sure not going to point it out. ;0)

The back side is really eye catching. As in, it might give you a headache if you look at it too long.
But I love this quilt.

The only downside about this  is how long it is going to take to get all the little strings washed out of it. But I throw it in the washer every time I wash towels and it is ragging up really cute.
I will have to get a pic of the front now that it has been washed a few times.
When I do, just don't mind all the strings everywhere, I don't.

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