November 14, 2017

And we have a rag quilt

After all the Xs and quilting of the squares, it comes time to start making rows. My squares are simply one fat quarter cut into quarters. You do the math, I hate that stuff!
I did want this quilt longer than it is wide, so ended up having to use a half, two squares to make one more block. So I also got two more napkins for the dinner table out of making this quilt.
Gotta love the lagniappe! 

Don't pay too close attention to the lines, I didn't

Slowly but surely coming together.
All the rows were finished, now it was time to connect everything.

And there she is. All sewn together and ready for snipping.
If you can't spot the personality in this quilt, I am sure not going to point it out. ;0)

The back side is really eye catching. As in, it might give you a headache if you look at it too long.
But I love this quilt.

The only downside about this  is how long it is going to take to get all the little strings washed out of it. But I throw it in the washer every time I wash towels and it is ragging up really cute.
I will have to get a pic of the front now that it has been washed a few times.
When I do, just don't mind all the strings everywhere, I don't.

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