May 28, 2012

Another must have app?

Have you noticed how much busier the blog has been lately? Yes there's an app for that! (sorry, you know I had to go there at least once)
The blogger app is the absolute best app for on the go blogging! The interface could use a little tweaking,otherwise it's a must have app.
I have the app on my iPhone and use it for times I'm not connected to wifi. But the iPad app makes it so much easier. If you blog a lot, or would like to start,you need it. Then you can randomly ramble like me ;0)
You can take pics or upload pics you already have.
I think it is just the perfect app for the constant blogger.

May 26, 2012

First and most important app for the iPad

Awww come on, I know you can guess...the Facebook app of course. I love the interface of the app, I haven't been on FB on the computer since I got the iPad.
The only problem I have with it is you don't have the ability to share a post or photo. Or if it does exist I can't find it.
I can,however, save a photo and then repost it, tho this makes me feel a little like I am plagiarizing.
But, until I can find a way to "share" instead of "take", hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;0)

May 25, 2012

Finally broke down and got the iPad.

Don't worry Deedah fans, I am not getting rid of my Fire. The iPad is great for Internet work on the go, movies, games and all kinds of work related things, but for ease of reading, nothing beats the Fire!
We recently took a trip to North Carolina and between holding the bulky iPad to read, or one handed use of the Kindle, the Kindle won out. Read two books on the trip.
I was going to sell it on eBay but on second thought, I do believe I am going to hang on to both.
Soon I am going to start posting about some apps I have been downloading for the iPad. Just little blurbs here and there,you know I have an opinion about everything! ;0)

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