March 6, 2011

This weeks patterns

Well, one day we are wearing shorts and it's so hot I didn't even want to think about summer time. Then, there are days like today, three grandbrats, 45 degree weather and a Mardi Gras parade to go to! WTH!
But we are all troopers, we will pack 'em all up and go catch us some beads and bears and colds! LOL!
I have been knitting, just not on the GBP2011. I spent a whole day cleaning up tangled yarn, Jule's playground behind the couch, and one of those tangled up messed just happened to be the ball that was connected to my blanket.
No big deal, just broke it off and untangled it and re-attached it, just took me half a day!
Started another cool project to wear under an unbuttoned, button up, shirt.
It's a cute little spaghetti strap tank, that for the life of me, I can't figure out where the pattern came from.
Between that and the Twilight series books, I have been keeping pretty busy, that and the crazy woman who keeps showing up at my house to do all the spring cleaning, she wears me out, just gets in a mood and all the nooks and crannies have to be cleaned.Crazy woman!
This weeks patterns
Knitting: Pomatomus Fingerless Gloves
Socks:Magic Mirror
Crochet: Bookbag Backpack
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
God bless

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