April 13, 2011

April 7, 2011

Blatant product promotions.....

For months, brat number one drove me crazy about buying this new sweeper.
She had bought one and absolutely loved it! But I am old fashioned, a broom and a dust pan (preferably a straw broom, if you could find them anymore) was the way to go. You could get up in those corners, swirl all that dust around! It's great!
After months, and months of nagging from my 26 year old daughter, (yeah, the same one who would sit in a room full of books and toys and clothes flung around everywhere, yeah, that one) I finally broke down and bought this
Swiffer Sweeper
Ok, don't ever, ever tell Brat #1 this, BUT, that is the best thing since inside plumbing! It gets up the dog hair, the cat hair, the cat food, cat litter, (yes the cat is way messier than the dog!) everything, with very little effort. I can't say enough about how good this little gadget is. I love the fact that it has a vacuum on it too. It gets in the corners like a pro, plus, it sucks all the dust off of the baseboards without all that scrubbing with a toothbrush that that crazy lady does.
You gotta get one!

Second item, it you have one of these ↑ little monsters, another great, awesome, why didn't they think about this sooner product...Indoor Cat Food! That may even be better than the sweeper, it's a debate I am having with myself!
We had our house built in 2005 the year of Katrina, we moved in in Feb.
I love cats, have had them all my life, but I just never wanted one in the new house, even now you can walk in my front door and still smell the new, (like a new car, the new house smell) We never smoked in our house and the thought of a little box made me cringe! About five months ago, I started thinking I would like to have a cat again. Don't know why, I guess it was just time.
BFF had two little kittens, brother and sister, that she couldn't keep anymore, and lord knows how over crowded the shelters already are, so when she talked to Brat #1 about taking them until she could find them a good home, I decided it was time.
Jule was a tiny little thing when I first got her, but even then, her evil smell was always circling! Her gaseous state had me just about in tears.
One day I was talking to a lady at wally world who told me to put her on the kitten formula for a few months and that should help straighten her little tummy out. So I did, and it worked to an extent. Now you could only "smell" her when she used the little box, just as horrible!
I scooped the little box out, sometimes, four times a day. It was driving me crazy.
Last week I decided to go ahead and try the indoor formula, even tho she was supposed to be on the kitten formula for a year. Piiishaaa!! It has made a HUGE difference! I can actually use my bathroom without scooping the litter box out first.
Who would have thought that a cat food could make such a difference! You gotta try it!!
Ok, blatant product promotions over.........resume your regular............

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