November 19, 2010

Another Knitter at Mobile Renaissance Fair

Last weeknd was the Renaissance Fair in Mobile. The grandbrats love to go and see all the knights and ladies, but OMG the belly dancers! As soon as we get there, and right before we leave, gotta go see the belly dancers.
We had a great time walking around and dreaming of all the stuff I would love to buy, Hand made jewelry, hand crafted swords, I was literally in crafty heaven. Then I met a lady who had scarves and shawls hanging all around her tent.
Well, you know you have to stop and touch and feel, and examine patterns. She had long skinny fuzzy scarves, beautiful warm fluffy scarves, shawls made with bulky, soft yarn, and some made with fur yarn that was almost too soft for me to touch. She was an interesting lady to talk to and I am really glad I got to meet her.
Of course dragging the rest of the family behind me, we really didn't have time to chat, for some reason they don't see it the same way. They were ready to move on. Though they do benifit well from my own craftiness!

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