March 8, 2012

Who is Mira? A cowl of course

Mira's Cowl is finished! 
Size 6 needles
Vinca Sock yarn from Ebay.

Even though I ripped it out twice (my fault) this was one of the easiest knits ever, and such a great looking pattern. I made this one for myself, and when PB saw it, he decided he needed one in camo for hunting.

Do you know how hard camo yarn is to find this time of year? Just about every website I went to had the Lorna's Lace listed, but out of stock.
I finally found some LL's Shepherd Sport on Ebay and bought all I could afford to buy at the time. I plan on making him a dickey with some of it also.

I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few of these cowls made for my girls before next winter rolls around. ;0)

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