May 2, 2009

Time to update: The Boy!

The boy is 17 now! Isn't he handsome!
Did Mom cry.............oh hell yeah! The boy went to Prom, stag, and had a great time, and actually made it back in one piece. Prom is a very scary time for a Mom, drinking, hanging with the buds, it all can lead to some big time trouble, but the boy made it there and back home in one piece, even tho, he was probably the only one who had to call their Mom when they got there. ;0)

I can't believe in one more year the boy will be off to college!
Ok, I admit it, he's the baby, once he's done, I am done. It's a scary thing. I have had kids with me since I was 18 years old. Tho the daughter is proof that they never really go away, it's still a scary thing for a Mom.

There are pictures, pattern ideas and lots of info bouncing around in this head of mine, and so through out the day I will be updating the blog. If I did it all at one time, it would take you two days to catch up. Yes, Virginia, it's been that long since I have updated.

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