May 2, 2009

Time to update: The knitting

Here are some pics of the first cloth I made for Chas. It is the Basket Rib Hand Towel Pattern
One of my favorite patterns for dish towels, easy as pie to follow and it works with any color of yarn. Even the variegated yarns that are so hard to find patterns for.
For this one I cast on 58 sts on size 7's with P&C yarn.
Chas love it!

Unfortunately I have had so little time to get online that I don't have pictures to show you of the three little burp cloths and preemie hats that I made for Desire's friend Tina, but you will have to take my word for it, they were wicked cute! The hit of the shower!
I used the three diamond cloth pattern and elongated it to turn it into a cute little burp cloth, one green, one yellow, and one blue. They came out really cute.
For the hats I used this pattern: Tiny Preemie Hat
It is an easy pattern, and as a general rule, I always have left over yarn enough to whip one or two, or in this case, three, of these out.

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