October 16, 2017

Quilting and A New Sewing Machine

I don't know what my obsession with driving myself crazy is.
I hate trying to figure out colors and patterns and put them together into something that looks good.
So what do I do, "Hey! Let's start another quilt!"
This one took me and DD#1, well mostly her saying, "why do you keep asking me? I'm throwing out ideas and you're not catching!" , about thirty minutes of moving and switching and flipping to get this design worked out.
I started with red, white, flag. But with the amount I had to work with that would have put some flags touching and some not. It didn't look right at all. So after crawling around for 30 minutes on the floor, this emerged.
Brat #1 helped me pin and label all the rows and I quickly picked it up before I could change my mind again.
Once I get the design process out of the way, I enjoy everything else about quilting. I love to sew I've found out.
And with the new machine it is a dream. This thing is awesome! So much easier to work with than my old one. And it does all kinds of nifty  little tricks!
Like this!
I would love to take credit for this idea, but I finally caught something DD#1 was throwing.
She had mentioned that I should put her and her brother's name on the quilt somewhere as a memorial for their service. It was a good idea but I had no clue how I would do it.
Then the new machine showed up.
It really does do some nifty stuff.

I decided to add them to the quilt along the top row. I think it is going to be absolutely adorable when it is finished.
Strings everywhere!

There was weekend knitting. A dear friend invited us to the game. So a four hour ride turned into an almost finished blanket for Sissy B. I am just short a few rows of binding it off and starting on the next one for little Man. 
I will post pictures when it is finished, hopefully sometime today.

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