October 20, 2017

Knitting. On the beach. At sunset. In my boots. Picture intense

With Sissy B's blanket almost finished, it was a little too big to bring down to the beach and still keep it sand free. So I grabbed up some extra needles and decided to start on Lil Man's blanket. Still using the Lion Brand Mandala yarn. 
Let me tell you, I washed up BB's blanket so I could give it to Mom, wow! This yarn is soft before you wash it, after, it's almost too soft, which makes it perfect for new babies.
For Lil Man's blanket I only cast on 130 sts. He is a little guy and I want him to have something he can drag around with him if he wants. 
And yes, the kids did eventually, accidentally, sure, uh-huh, knock it off into the sand. 
Luckily the beach was dry and a good shake out was all it needed.

I love it when PB comes home from work and says, "Hey babe, want some mullet?" The sunsets on the island are stunning this time of year!
Those crazy kids will get in the water all the way up until December. And if it's a warm*ish winter, they will get in through December!

This right here is the life, point your sailboat towards the setting sun in calm waters and just relax and enjoy!

And wish the people with those loud kids would go home already! LOL

With my boots on! I'm not nuts, I knew once that sun was gone, the temps were going to drop like a ride at the fair. And they did. And a side note: Mosquitoes on the island come pterodactyl size

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