July 26, 2012

Interweave Knits-giveaway

I honestly can not remember the last time I looked through an Interweave knits magazine and thought "OMG, I must knit that!"
It's nothing against the magazine, it just hasn't had anything to inspire me in quite a while. In fact I get a lot more inspiration on Ravelry
No!! I am not giving my subscription up! As soon as I do they will come out with one so full of things I want to knit, it would be sad.
So to solve my dilemma you can have every one that I can't find anything to knit in.
I have a bookshelf full so you might want to check back every once in a while, I'm tired of cleaning around them.
Today's is the just out Fall 2012 issue.
If you want it, leave a comment and I will have BFF pick a number. That's it! We will start today and go through Sunday. I'll have the number picked Sunday and winner announced here Monday afternoon.
Good luck!

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