June 26, 2012

A nifty hint for the Ipad you don't ever want to use

I found out, completely by accident the other day that when you are in Safari on your Ipad you can send a web page right to your home screen.
Well shoot... that seems really nifty!
So that is what I did, all my blogs, my favorite download sites.
My plans were to have one whole home page of nothing but websites that I visit often.
Wow this was going to be great! And so much easier than opening up Safari every time I wanted to check on my blog.

Ok, you know there has to be a down side.

I have always bragged on the awesome battery that is in my Ipad. I could listen to Iheart radio, watch netflix and play games all day and still not have to charge that thing for three days. Never died on me, never gave me any fits.

After I had the wonderful idea above, I noticed that my battery was getting worse and worse.

Of course I never put two and two together until the day of brat #1's surgery.
We were at the hospital a total of 5 hours, out of which, I only got to play on the Ipad for about an hour total. Not all at one time mind you, brat kept me busy, but through out the whole ordeal, and when we had finally gotten back home I realized my battery was only at 15%.

Wait a minute, I charged it all night. There must be something wrong with the charger. Plugged the phone into it, nope, works fine. Well hell, it must be the outlet. We do seem to have a lot of electrical problems in a house we had built only seven years ago. But nope, it worked fine on my phone. Hmmmm.......
Then all the sudden I couldn't access any of my apple stuff, no facetime, no apple store, no itunes. Ok, WTH is up with my Ipad?!?!?!

Brat #1 finally took my Ipad and reset it. Not the whole thing mind you, just a soft reset by holding down the power and the home button at the same time till it shut off. DAMN!! Now I have to go find all my apps again?!?!?. Um... no Mom, you don't. Oh...ok then ;0)
She had to do this two or three times and finally she looks at me and asks "What was the last thing you downloaded to your Ipad?"
"Nothing, all I did was post my websites to my homepage"
Well then! There's the culprit.
While these webpages are on your home page, they are constantly updating themselves, draining  your battery like a dirt devil vacuum cleaner.

So take my word for it, tho it is a nifty idea and, in theory, would come in extremely handy, don't do it.
Unless of course you don't mind using your Ipad while it's charging, in which case, have at it and have fun!

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