June 9, 2012

But Leah, isn't this a knitting blog?

Why yes, Virginia, it is.
I have actually been knitting, I had two days to whip out three little hats for Isaac and Bella to take up with them to Vermont.
Now I have time to whip up a few more items to send up to Mary.
A carseat blanket is first in line,just a small little blanket of 100 sts,
It will be the perfect size for stuffing around baby in the car seat. Much easier than a regular size blanket.
I used the left over yarn from the three hats, cast on 100 sts and knitting all the way. I'm thinking 200 rows should make it the perfect size.
Afterwards, probably two or three burp cloths. Those are easy, I just look around the Internet for a dishcloth pattern I like and double it.
In other words, knit from bottom to top, then back to the bottom again.
Clear as mud right?
You'll see when I get the blanket finished

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