December 1, 2017

Sewing has been moved

I know, I know
You come here for knitting, for ideas and links and patterns, for knitting. (let's not forget the witty conversation too)
So I have moved the sewing to it's own blog.
Sewinfun (what else could it be?)
All things sewn will be moved over there so don't forget to bookmark it if you did enjoy seeing what I have been up to sewing wise.
The knitting is zooming along.
I finished Trent's blanket and am about a quarter of the way through Ada's. Tho with this one I am on a deadline. Christmas comes early when you have a grandbrat who lives so far away. So you celebrate when schedules allow everyone to get together.
Which in this case means I have 2 weeks to finish Ada's blanket and make at least 8 dishcloths!
Some for my FIL, some for my MIL, no, they don't share, he likes acrylic and she likes cotton. LOL
And some that were requested for dirty Santa this year.
Yes, that's about as dirty as our Santa gets. ;0)

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