December 7, 2017

Blankets and wash cloths

The plan for this Christmas was car seat and stroller sized blankets for the youngest of the Grandbrats, a few wash cloths for a 'few' people and that was all the craftiness for this season.
Well that has turned into 3 blankets, cloths for dirty santa at the MIL's this year, AND cloths for a few MORE people.
I have one blanket finished, one will be done by midnight tonight. Yes, I am committed to staying up that late, even with a five a.m. wake up, to finish this blanket and start some cloths that have to be done in less then ten days.
When will I ever, ever learn to start earlier? 😅
I know I work better, faster, under pressure, I've always been a 'last minute freak out and done' kind of person. And this year, it seems, will be no exception.
I will post pics of the blankets tomorrow.
And yes! I will have that second blanket finished by the time I take those pics!
Watch me!

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