March 18, 2015

LOTD: New to me magazine

I thought it was time to do another LOTD post.
I was goofing around and found a magazine I have never heard of before.
Your Family Magazine (South Africa)
I really haven't had time to go all through their website, but I did find this awesome blanket.

It is a very simple yet lovely pattern and I love the yarn used in the picture.
I have really been getting into the more natural colored yarns lately. All different shades of natural earthy colors. Which means my stash is not exactly where I want it to be right now.
It is full of bright blues and oranges and yellows and purples. I could go on and on. But nothing earthy.
I think watching Outlander has done this to me. I'm not sure. I am going to have to investigate that further. How? By watching some more episodes of course!

Anyway, back on task.
You really should check out their website. They have a ton of tutorials ranging from Custard Class to How to Slice and Dice an Onion.
All found here

All in all this looks like a great magazine, give them a minute to see for yourself.
Your Family (South Africa)

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