March 20, 2015


I know most of the country is still caught under layers of snow and ice and slush but it really is officially Spring now! Whoot! Whoot!
Though at the moment, here on the Gulf Coast, it feels a little more like summer. 80 degrees today! On the first official day of Spring! I have a feeling we are in for a long hot summer.
I have been working hard at getting the yard back into shape. Since I have not raked all fall and winter long, all those oak leaves were five inches thick.
I literally had to dig down with the rake where the leaves that fell at the beginning of Fall had embedded themselves in the dirt.
In theory this would be great for the soil and as the leaves rot and wash down into the dirt with the rain it would be great fertilization. But come on, who wants a five inch thick bed of leaves on there springtime lawn? Not I!
PB decided that all the leaves from the front yard should be hauled to the back yard and dumped into the garden to be tilled up in the soil. What a great idea! When you aren't the one filling a wheel barrel up every ten minutes and pushing it around the house, to the back yard, through the gate and dumping all of it out onto the ground, fighting the chickens so you can get back out of the fence without letting them out, then back around to the front yard for another load. Yes! That is a wonderful idea!
But I did it. And the yard looks great if I do say so myself.
With all the heat that we have had, I have been dreaming of the beach. The peaceful sounds of the surf pounding into shore, the birds squawking and talking to each other. No phone service. Ahhhh, I can not wait!

So for the beach, you need the basics
A beach bag, preferably that will allow the sand to run out of the bag instead of pile up in the bottom to be drug home and dumped out into the kitchen floor.
This one fits the bill perfectly!

And because I never leave the house without one
On The Beach Sweater

And you definitely need one of these in your bag

And just in case you wanted to knit your beach

I am sure you can guess why I like this one
perfect for your iPod or iPad mini

Everyone needs these to decorate those pretty tanned feet

So everyone will know not to disturb you when you head out

I can not wait to get out there and do some ahhhhhhhhhh

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