March 11, 2015

I am so late for the wagon.......

I don't like bandwagons. I really don't................(you know it's coming).............BUT.......................
I just started watching the Starz hit Outlander and though in the first fifteen minutes I almost turned it off, not understanding the fascination.
Luckily I hung in there! 
Once Claire fell down the rabbit hole the tempo of the show completely changed, and I was immediately hooked!

Of course, being a knitter, my eyes were immediately drawn to the cowls and mitts and hats OH MY!

I have never cared for chunky knits. They just always looked so bulky, and since I am a small person, I never attempted to knit anything chunky sized it would only make me look a 2 year old playing dress up in Momma's closet. 

But Claire is not a big woman and all that stuff looks wicked cute on her. I am completely in love with the chunky mitts. Everyone who wears them makes them look good. I think I am going to  make myself a pair.
I know, I know, as soon as I get the sleeves on the sweater. Which will be perfect timing for our spring weather coming in now. Maybe that's what I have been waiting for. The spring almost too warm almost too cool, weather. After being out on the beach all day in the heat, when it cools down at night, I will be wishing I had that sweater in my bag.
Yeah! That's it! I am finishing the sweater by this weekend! We have beach weather coming!!!

But to keep you busy, I have found a few of the Outlander patterns:

Sassenach Claire Starz Outlander Cowl Free Pattern

Jocasta’s Scotch Bonnet

Bree’s Lace Mittens

The Gathering

Outlander Claire 'Rent' Shawl Knit

Outlander: Mrs. Fitz fingerless gloves

Smart Bitches Outlandish Arm Warmers

Claire's Highland warmers  

Vancouver Fog Fingerless Gloves 

A couple of things I have learned today.
1. This wagon has been rolling waaaaayyyy longer than I thought
2. There are so many mitts and sleeves used in that show that it would take months of work to either hunt up all the patterns or come up with some of my own. 



 These are my favorite simple ones so far. But, then again, I'm still looking.

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