December 16, 2014

Let's do the math

Math has never been my strong suit. I hate it actually. 
Now here I am, years and years later, working with numbers for a living. 
Go figure. 
I have been working away on the cloths for the gifts and I am up to 22 cloths. 
2 more to go and I am finished!
As I was plunking away at it last night, the numbers started running around in my head. How many cloths I have made vs. how many stitches I have put on, just to get these gifts finished in time for giving away. 
Let me tell you, by the time I figured most of it out in my head, I seriously thought about keeping them all for myself. 
That is a lot of work!

So to put it all out there for you, let's do some math (I know, but it won't hurt too much)
38 stitches X 60 rows = 2280 stitches X 22 cloths = 54720 stitches
and to take it down a little further
54720 / 2 (purl row, knit row)= 27360 purl stitches and 27360 knit stitches
27360 / 2 (stitch, slip)= 13680 purl/knit stitches and 13680 slipped stitches

That! my friends, is a large amount of stitches. 
You would think I would be sick of the linen stitch by now. Especially considering the dish towel with two matching cloths, three 5ft scarves, two cowls and two hats. 
That is a ridiculous amount of linen stitch, and yet I am still in love with the stitch.
Of course right now it could be more to do with habit than anything else, it's just such an easy and versatile stitch, you can do anything with it, and I have done allot. 
You have to try some dishcloths in the linen stitch. The density of the fabric is absolutely perfect for washing dishes and cleaning counter tops. 
Anyway, just had this running around in my head all night as I watched NCIS plugging away at the final few cloths so I thought it would make an interesting post.
See ya on the flipside!

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