February 1, 2012

Undone again!

The sweater for the girls was going along great! I was almost finished with the body of the sweater and it just didn't seem right. My gauge was spot on, the numbers were all correct, but dang if this thing didn't look like it could swallow my girls.
I retrieved one of Trin's jackets from the dresser and I learned something. Another wrinkle in the brain.
Kids size five at Wally World is a lot smaller than a size five hand knit sweater.Soooo......
Once again to the frog pond, (where I am apparently going to have to rent a chair)
I am going to re-cast for a size smaller, which BTW is the perfect size for Bella and Trin.
So fair warning ladies and gents, no matter what size your child wears and what size you think you should knit, pull out a favorite sweater or shirt and check the measurements. Better safe than swimming in the pond with the frogs. But Hey! if you do show up, tell 'em Leah sent you, they know me well1

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