January 27, 2012

21" should not be this long: Superior Cowl

 The Superior Cowl
This has been one looooonggg and drawn out twenty one inches. I was knitting my little fingers off last night watching t.v. Two hours of knitting got me 3", I still have 5" to go! I am excited to see this pattern finished and around my neck. (I am sure PB is too, though it may not be as tight as he wants it). 
This is a great beginner pattern for making a cowl. And all the pictures of others projects look great. 
Besides the first 6 rows of garter st. in the round, it is endless, mindless, knitting, around and around.
Be prepared, 21" on size 4 needles and sock yarn takes for frikkin' EVER!
This is sooooo gonna be worth it when it's done!

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