September 26, 2009

Traedon is finally home again!

It was the roughest four weeks of my life, when we found out Trae had a brain tumor.
To date that is the worst news I have ever received in my life, but we had great doctors and he was at one of the best children's hospital in the country and today he is home again.
His little head is shaved in some spots, and the skull has not grown back yet, but he is smiling all of the time, he laughs at everything and is starting to pick some of his milestones back up. The long term looks really good for him.
And look how fat he has gotten! All the steroids after the surgery, and laying in the bed for three weeks sure did plump him up!
Now he is home with his Mom and brother and sister and he is doing really really well.
Thank you everyone for the prayers for Trae and our family, the were a comfort to all of us, and look... it worked!

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