September 27, 2009

My first new project in a while

I finally have gotten in the mood to knit again. Go figure, I had all the time in the world for the last three and a half weeks and didn't knit a thing. I would get up at 5:30 be to work by 8, leave work at 12, get Chas and I something to eat for lunch and be to the hospital by 1. I would try and be there to let Chas have a break. That long at the hospital can wear you down quick.
I would be at the hospital most nights until well after 8. See what I mean, loads of knitting time, but did I knit, NO, not one little stick or string did I bring with me. I just couldn't get in the mood, I think too much when I knit, the stress with the thinking, I do believe, would have fried my brain, and poor Trae didn't need his MiMi in the hospital with him.
But I have finally gotten in the mood again, and just in time for Christmas gift knitting time.
I chose to start with the bigger projects first.
Bella Boop is getting the Violet Dress from Shelby Knits.
This is the cutest dress, and I love the ease of the pattern. I am knitting it in Bernat Satin in a pale green colorway and so far it looks great.
I think it will go great with a little white top, This Shrug, a pair of white tights and black shoes.
It will be too cute on her.
The dress is about 75% finished. The shrug will have to wait until I can find some more of the same yarn. I guess I will just have to check out the Bernat website and see if I can get it there. That is the only bad thing about buying bargain yarn on Ebay, you either have to make projects with just the yarn you have, or hunt down the yarn if you need more.
But that's ok. It is coming out wicked cute and I can't wait to show you all the pictures!

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