October 30, 2008

Then we made it to the fair.......

We finally got passed all the rain and made it to the fair,
PawPaw got to come for a couple of rides with the babies before he had to leave on the boat.
Tristan LOVES the rides. You can't see her but Bella Boop is there too.

Tristan and Isaac are not very patient when they have to wait to get on a ride. It's a good thing I like to go when it's not too busy.

Looks like Trin wasn't too sure about this one.

Mimi and the girls waiting for the boys to get done with a ride.

Tristan loves the fair so much he started dancing!
He's so cute!

Off to the trucks

and the motorcycles

Then it's off to the horses

Isaac loves monkey's he had a fit over this little guy, but wouldn't get his picture taken with him.

Desire' and Tristan and Isaac take the big slide, poor Isaac got all twisted around.

Then Cole took Bella down, she laughed till they got to the end.

Then more rides

Now it's off to the races!

Sorry Isaac, no Jimmie Johnson car, Earnhart will have to do.

Then it's time for the big ''kids''
Desire' and Sam

Cole and Ryan

Brian and Jennifer

Besides PawPaw leaving, it's was a fun day.

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