October 29, 2008

The Fair or Lack there of

We were supposed to go to the fair. Then it started raining, and what was supposed to last only an hour lasted all day and all night. So, since we already had the gang all gathered, we decided to eat Mexican,
Trin loves to eat, and my little ham loves to have her picture taken

Bella Boop just wants to clean everything! If there is a napkin around, she needs it, has to have it. Just don't look under the high chair, where she sweeps it all!

Tristan was just waiting, he's not our biggest eater, he just wanted the bubble gum out of the machine.

I think the salsa was a little too spicy for my man Isaac,
What a face!

This was the whole gang, we do make a crowd!

We had a great time and it was fun to get out with everyone, especially my SIL who hates to go out in public almost as much as Kevin does.

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