October 7, 2008

Christmas Knitting Ideas: Freebies

It seems like everyone, including me, is stressing over holiday knitting. If you have read this blog very long, you know I started a while back, and I have now started to feel the crunch. I thought that starting earlier would stop that "feeling" we all get, but alas, I feel like I am running out of time and have too much to do. On top of that, grandbaby number five is due the beginning of December, so that moves up the priority list. So far all I have done for him is a bib from this pattern:
Dinosaur Bib look in the side bar on the right.
So I decided to cut my list short, not in people, in size, and effort of gift making.
I thought I would share some of my ideas with you.
For some of my co-workers I thought I would make up some mug recipe cups
Mug Recipe maybe pick up a cute coffee cup, something to match their personality, fill it with the ingredients, the printed recipe and a hand made mug rug, so it still has that hand made touch to it.
Wrap it all up in plastic and a bow and there you have it!

Then for some of the dozen or so guys in my life, maybe a soap sweater and a back scrubber and a matching cloth, all put in a small metal bucket, wrapped and bowed.

For my Aunts and Granny, some felted coasters in their favorite colors, along with a hand knit cloth and towel.

These are just a few ideas I think I can whip out pretty quickly and still fill the need to make everyone something hand made. Boy are these people lucky I love them! ;0) Actually, no, it's the other way around.
I would love anyone else's ideas if you would like to share, shoot me an email: leah at knittinfun dot com.

1 comment:

N. Maria said...

You are sure one busy knitter!
I'm just about finished with MS4's last clue.
Looking forward to seeing yours when it's finished!

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