June 28, 2008

Pink Ribbons

Pink Ribbons
I don't think I posted about this, but my favorite Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer about two months ago. It was caught in the very early stages and has been successfully dealt with. She won't have to have any chemotherapy, just the radiation treatment. There was nothing in her lymph nodes and, at this point, all looks well. The worst part for her, so far, was the two surgeries to get rid of the cancer, but they assured us they got it all and she should, and is, making a full recovery.
She has made me a firm believer in mammograms, that is how they found hers, as small as it was, Thank God.
In her honor I wanted to show you these socks. I am going to make a pair for her. She says she hates to call herself a breast cancer survivor because she didn't have it as bad as some women do. I keep trying to tell her, she had it, it's gone, she's a survivor, but she doesn't feel that way about it. So I am making her these socks. She is a survivor, and her attitude toward the whole thing helped her a long way towards a good outcome.

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Deb said...

Yes, your Aunt is a survivor. It may take time for the whole impact to sink in. Have you seen these socks?



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