April 4, 2008

CotLin Yarn Knitting Yarn | KnitPicks.com

CotLin Yarn Knitting Yarn KnitPicks.com

I know I shouldn't have, I wasn't going to, I sure didn't need it, but.............
1. It's 70 % cotton
2. It's 30% Linen
3. They have the colors I need for the Mason Dixon hand towels for the front bathroom.
4. It was my birthday, not even a week ago, I think I can use that for at least three more days!

This yarn looks like it is going to fit the bill for the bathroom hand towels.
Have you seen the Linen HandTowel pattern in the Mason Dixon knitting book?! It is one of my all time faves and I now have a "Mason Dixon" master bathroom. (figuratively and lieterally ;0) The pattern calls for sport weight linen, but I use either WW cotton or DK weight, we like our "prissy" towels to be big enough to be useful.
This is some awesome looking yarn and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
I have been on a knitting craze, dishcloths, dishtowels, hand towels for the bathrooms. I have been all over it.
I will get some pictures of the ones I have done already, so far the count is
2 Grandmas Fave for Kevin
2 Grandmas Faves to give away
2 Lacy Checks one for Kevin, one for me
2 Fiesta Cloths one to give away, and you guessed it, one for Kevin.
I absolutely love the fact that he likes my cloths! Between him, my FIL and myself, I could knit up every design ever made and still not have enough.
OTN: I have a Linen Hand towel from the "Mason Dixon Knitting Book" done in Peaches N Creme 100% WW cotton on size 5 needles. I usually do 14 repeats of the pattern for a longer hanging towel, but with the WW I am going to follow the pattern as it is. I haven't done one with this yarn before so I think it will come out the length I usually like.

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