March 26, 2008

Test Knitter

The Not So Blue Tank has been sent to the test knitter.
If anyone would like to test knit this also, please email me. I need one more, just to make sure.
The tank is for a size child's size 14 or a juniors 3 which is my size. (yes I am actually that little, hence the need to create some of my own clothes)If there is anyone that would like to test knit it and help with more sizes, please let me know.
The only compensation I could offer is the pattern.
I am going to be knitting another one, following the pattern, just to make sure I didn't really screw it up somewhere. Hopefully it will come out right the second time.
The Easter Holiday was great and we did lots of GrandKid time, coloring eggs, and hands, and noses, and eating lots of candy. Not much knitting has been done lately. I did finally sit down and start a square blanket to donate, to whom or where, I have no clue right now, just mindless knitting while I was watching American Idol.
As I was scouring the stash, I found lots, and I mean lots, of acrylics, my FIL has given me over the years. Mainly from yard sales. I decided every skein was going to be used in blankets, hats, and booties, for donation. I don't use allot of acrylic for myself, just for the Grandbabies, parents like it hassle free. Just throwing out a blanket here and there with either a hat or booties from the leftovers should use up allot of the stash.

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