September 15, 2017

Sewing: Baby stuff. Picture intense

BB will be here in just a few short months. 
Well I say a few, I'm sure Mama says it seems like forever. 
I wanted to make some hand made gifts for the shower next month. Try some new things I've never done before. And here is the result. 
Warning, I have just started sewing, I know they aren't perfect, but just like with my knitting, it ads to the charm of receiving hand made gifts. You can definitely tell mine are hand made. 
I think they cam out really cute though.

I bought a towel and cut it down to make some burp cloths that would be soft and absorbent on both sides. Let me tell you, it looked like it had snowed in my dining room. Whew! Lint everywhere!

I took the scraps from making the receiving blanket and made up two burp cloths that will match and make a set.

This was a learning curve for me. I remember when I first started knitting, it took me a minute to realize, if you make the exact same mistake 3 times, it becomes a part of the plan. That's what I went with with these two little cloths. Three times I ripped out the seams and called myself turning the fabric around so that the good side would be facing in. So I could sew and flip and have the seam on the inside. With kids running around and trying to help with homework while trying to do this, I must have been some kind of distracted, all three times, I flipped it with good side facing up, so, just like with my knitting, I finally just went with it. I will see what they look like after they are washed, if they come out looking good, I will add them to the set as wash cloths, since the seam is on the outside, I don't feel like they are good enough to give as a gift, but we will see what happens. If I don't add them to the set, I have me the cutest little pot holders ever!

Either way, I think the burp cloths came out absolutely adorable!

This was my first time doing anything besides a straight stitch. I added this zigzag stitch around the receiving blanket to add a little bit of a decorative border. It's the best my machine can do. I didn't go out and buy one of the nice, fancy, expensive machines, YET. I just went with el cheapo I had at home. So this is the fanciest I could get. But I like it. Simple charm!

The hardest part for me about doing the blanket was cutting the fabric down to size. I measured and remeasured and cut and messed up and remeasured and cut again. I finally got frustrated and free hand cut what I thought was a good size blanket (I know, I know) and then measured, perfect! 
Getting the second side to match was easy peasy after that.

Yes, those are elephants, little BB is going to be a huge Alabama fan! 
Just sayin'
All in all I think everything worked out very well. And I am ahead of my schedule!

Then......there's the knitting. 
Tweety Pie bib and garter stitch blanket coming up..........................

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