May 27, 2015

LOTD:All about garter stitch

Besides my well known addiction to the linen stitch, my next and close running favorite is garter stitch.
It makes everything look rustic and old worldly.  I don't care what it is, a sweater, a throw, scarf, a dishcloth, it doesn't matter.
The fact that it is always mindless knitting keeps it at 2nd on my list. Though summertime is almost here and I won't be doing any knitting for a few months, anything I do work on will most assuredly be garter stitch.
So I thought I would go wandering around and see if I could find some really interesting patterns, just in case you are of  like mind.

Not exactly the mindless garter stitch I like, but this pattern is so pretty I had to add it

Rustic lovely

Knit sideways. Love it!

Just a few little knitting inspirations for you. ;0)

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