February 26, 2015

LOTD: Ooh's and Aaah's

So I got on a kick and started bombing the Knittinfun Facebook Page and decided it was time for another LOTD post. There's just too many cute and nifty little things that I want to knit!
Oh! Don't worry! I am not starting anything new until I finish that sleeve and a half and collar on the boat sweater. (really! That's all I have left to do and won't do it!)

Maybe one of these patterns will motivate me enough to finish it so I can start a new project.

So Mom and baby can match
Maile Sweater
Maile Sweater All Grown Up

I know right! Wouldn't that be just too cute!

I think this would just be the perfect beach cover up!

Just because I love old fashioned non lacy shawls
Dawn to Dusk Shawl

And just because.......
Monster High Dress
Monster High Dress 2


Pleated Skirt
You have to see this one! Just awwww!

A Mock Henley
Jade Pullover

So sweet!
Queen of Hearts Hat Pattern

That should give you something to ooh and aahhh about for today.
Maybe I will pull the boat sweater out after work and see if I can knock it on out. Besides, it's getting right on the edge of time to take the boat out. I need this sweater!

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