February 8, 2015

I went to a Mardi Gras Parade: and you think that has nothing to do with knitting

Or at the most I'm talking about some awesome handknit garments I may have seen.
Scarves? Hats? Warm,cozy gloves?

Actually, I had a corn dog.

Wait!     What?!?

I was hungry so when we passed one of the many concession stands I stopped for something that would be easy to carry and eat at a crowded parade. A corn dog, perfect! I'll take two. 

As we ate them I noticed how nice and thick the sticks were. Not those flimsy things you get with store bought corn dogs you bring home and hand out to all those grand brats. A nice thick stick and looky here!!!
 They have points!

As you can imagine I received "the stank eye" when I told PB not to throw his away. They would make great knitting needles. 

I don't have one of those needle gauge thingys but I am pretty sure they would be around a size 9. So I figure with a little sanding and sharpening they would end up around an eight. 

When I get them ready, I figure a nice swatch (yeah I said it) would help me figure out the size.

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