November 4, 2014

Pattern Hunt: Kitchen Items

I have been blazing through my gift knitting list. I suppose mainly because most of the knitted items are not huge like blankets. No, this year it is all smaller knitted items. Cloths, scarves, cowls, most of which I can get through with a couple of nights of  intense t.v. shows. Ok, maybe the scarves and towels, four nights. But not much longer than that.
I do have to get some hats finished. I think my total count at the time is 5 (at the moment) I am so far ahead of the gift knitting game right now, I am sure that number will grow.
The hats are, for the most part, going to be basic beanies. Maybe with the exception of the one for my Mom, I think her's will be a slouchy.
But that's down to the wire knitting. I still have time for those.

So, I was knitting away on the red and white gift that I posted over at the KnittinFun Facebook Page  and it got the brain juices flowing. I love the way the pattern with that particular stitch looks. I'm sure if you look at the picture you can figure out exactly what that stitch is. And it got me thinking about hand towels. Old fashioned two stripe kitchen towels.

Well crap! I am half way through my Mom's cowl and my mind goes finding something else for me to want to do. Now it's a mad rush to finish her gift so I can get started.

I think I am going to grab some white cotton and do a couple of decent sized kitchen towels for my Mother In Law.

All I keep picturing in my head is white with two broad red stripes at the bottom. I already know the pattern I am going to use and trust me, you will like it.

So, on that note I decided to look up some more kitchen knitting patterns that I might need after I finish the MIL towel.
I am sure you have seen most of these before but here are some I like:

Bubble Up Towel

Christmas Joy Hanging Towel

Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Sign

Cloth and Towel Set

Not The Paper Towel

Simply Striped Kitchen Hanging Towel

One of  my 'go to' faves (basically all her patterns)
Columns Hanging Towel

Basket Rib Hand Towel

Every kitchen should have one
Grip Reaper Kitchen Towel

Knit Gridded Towel

If you have the patience to make 4 of the same thing (don't even ask)
Alexa's Placemats

And never forget the instructions right here on the blog for turning any dishcloth into a double ended hand towel

This should keep me busy a few days anyway.
That is after I get those nagging hand towels done that won't leave my brain alone.

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