November 21, 2014

Free patterns are easier to find

I post allot of pattern links here at the blog. 
I would say over 90% of what I post are free pattern links. (Thank you to all the wonderful designers who post those free patterns!) 
I don't have a problem paying for patterns. I have actually bought a few over the years but free patterns are always the best. 

I have spent the last couple of days combing through the blog and digging out the links I have posted and tried my best to gather them all together over there --------------------► to make everything easier to find. 

I will be checking the links periodically to make sure they are still good but sometimes they get past me. 
If you come across a link that is no longer working just drop me a note at knittinfun @ gmail dot com and I will see if I can find a better link for it, or at the very least, remove the bad one.
You can also email me at that address if you have or know of a link you would like to stick on the list. 

As far as the blog roll, I try and not let any of the links go longer than a month without a new post. Not that I am one to speak, but I like to keep up with active blogs. 

The links I post are what is interesting to me.  This is after all, my blog and record of my knitting and things in the crafty world that interest me. 
Having said that, I am always open to suggestions ;0)


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