October 19, 2014

The Never Ending Dresser Scarf is Ended!

When we went to buy a new bedroom set, I fell in love with this antiqued set. 
We had it delivered and I worked most of the day setting our room back up. I loved it. It has a down in the country kind of feel to it.
Brat #1 comes over and says "Mom, all that beautiful furniture they sell and you had to pick up something that looks like Mamaw bought it at a yard sale." Lol
 She just can't understand why I bought a brand new furniture set that already looks old. But I love it!

I decided to make the never ending dresser scarf to protect the top of the night stands from morning coffees and overturned water bottles. I did not realize just how wide our nightstands were. They are not normal width,which works out great for all my books,my phone, and of course, the ever present coffe cup, not so much for trying to quickly get something knit to protect it. 

I finished last night watching Alabama walk over Texas A&M. Sorry guys, we know how you feel you killed us a few years ago. 
So here it is! 
No I still haven't found the perfect lamps yet. I'll take any ideas you have!

Now to start the second one. Whew!

It's going to take months when it's time to make one for this monster!

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