September 29, 2014

Word of the day...drapey

Is drapey even a word?
Spell check doesn't like it at all, wants to keep changing it to drapery. Now how weird would that sound? My knitting is so drapery????
Say it out loud to a group of knitters and they know exactly what you mean.
I was knitting on the dresser scarf a little bit before work this morning and all I could think is how much I loved how drapey Knit Picks CotLin yarn is with this linen stitch.
CotLin is not a very drapey yarn, if you have knit much with it you just know it's not. But you add that linen stitch to it on size five needles and it is down right ..... drapey.
Which brings up another thought.
For some reason I don't mind the linen stitch, yarn in front, slip, yarn in back stitch, over and over again. Love the way it feels and looks.
Seed stitch on the other hand? Yarn in front, purl, yarn in back, knit, drives me frikkin' bonkers. Seems like it takes forever to get finished with something using seed stitch.
Does that one missing stitch action in linen stitch really make that much of a difference???
In my case? Apparently so.
Just sayin'

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