February 13, 2012

IMHO- Life Like baby dolls

I know that my opinion basically only counts to me. And trust me, sometimes even I think my opinion is an idiot and needs to shut up.

BUT....I can not be the only one who thinks that these life like baby dolls are just frikkin' creepy.
Babies look like little wrinkled up old men and yes even the girl babies, for at least a few weeks. Why would you want one of those, frozen for all time.

You see them all over Ravelry, yes I know most people think they are adorable and sweet. But not me.
I think they are down right creepy and the more I see them, the creepier they get.
Babies are bustling little balls of impulses and spaz attacks. These are just lifeless little garden gnome looking things.

It's getting really hard to tell the real babies on Ravelry. So, if you do use a real baby shot, you  might want your kid to be doing something, anything. Because, no matter how cute, if your baby is curled up in a little naked ball, I'm assuming it's one of those creepy babies. You really can't tell the difference, that's how life like those creepy things are. And now I assume every baby I see asleep is one of  those things.
Sorry peeps, IMHO, those things are just downright creepy!

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